Patricia Shaver is the visionary behind the talk show, which she says is meant to “uplift, bring awareness, encourage, and entertain people who are transitioning in their lives.”

Guided by our vision to inspire the next generation of leaders, our primary objective is to use an online media network that empowers, inspires, and brings awareness, encouragement, laughter and entertainment to our viewers. Through voices the children address some of the issues affecting them today, some good, some bad, whether it’s Bullying, Teen Pregnancy, Drug Awareness/Prevention, Education Abstinence, or just information for the community.

Voices feel the best way to communicate with our youth is to use tools that they are familiar with and have adapted to in their lives. The fundamentals of interactive media, principals of social media and theories of online media makes the internet the best communication tool and allows our youth to hear, read and see information when, where, and how they wish to engage this information.

The children also interview prominent such as; Local Mayor, Local Chief of Police, Local sport figures, Children with special talents, ordinary people with stories of overcoming adversities and children express special talents. Ultimately, when these children are adults they will lead our nation.

Voices of Reality has teamed up with other organizations and sponsored many community events: 

VOR Celebrity Basketball Tournament, Hugs for Children, Health Fitness Show, Guns N’ Hoses (Working with exploited & at risk children), Connect the Kids, PYO Organization, National Child Support Enforcement, Derrick Martin Foundation, Unspoken Gifts and Gratitude Awards Dinner acknowledging people of the community who have demonstrated a sincere commitment to making a difference, in our communities, by raising awareness for the causes they care about.

Voices provides a unique opportunity for youth to express themselves, build communication and interpersonal skills, improve confidence and learn from influential and inspiring people. By being involved in Voices, children and teens think on a broader spectrum and have big dreams and goals for their own lives to become authentic young leaders.

Voices have been and will continue to be a role model to the youth in our community; we encourage the youth to think on a broader spectrum.